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Caddy Web Server

This site is powered by the mighty Caddy Web Server.

It supports automatic HTTPS and HTTP2. It is easy to configure and set up in minutes! Thanks for being free for personal use!


The web server needs an underlying system, which is running on my DigitalOcean droplet.

It's just a basic linux server, but thanks to DigitalOcean, it is always online, blazing fast and saves me money!


Although I didn't actually suffer from DDoS attacks lately, I decided to use Cloudflare as my internet shield.

Cloudflare offers free DDoS protection and easy DNS management. There is also a ton of other features for free!


Free version control (git) and private repositories? Sounds almost better than GitHub! Gitlab offers me a way to keep track of the source code for this site.

And it's free! Together with Caddy, I can use webhooks to trigger automated pull requests to keep my site always up-to-date.

Google and Stackoverflow

Those two websites become your best friend when developing any kind of software. Here is your...

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